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Team Building Workshop

Strategize to improve team dynamics and deliver peak performance as a single cohesive unit.

From simulations to team building activities this workshop has it all. Not only do we explain the importance of effective teamwork but we identify the barriers to strengthening the team dynamics. This workshop comprises of interactive videos, perceptual exercises, simulation games and team building activities to explain the concepts of building an unbreakable unit. Our professional team building instructors will guide you and your team through a series of activities and interactive exercises. These exercises are designed to increase your understanding and effectiveness in key areas such as communication, decision making, leadership, planning and problem solving. As we earnestly take on each assignment exclusively, we review our workshop contents at the end of each day to re-tailor it as per the exhibited Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of the attendees. We undertake this extra effort as part of our passion to impart highly customized training, and to partner with you towards achieving excellence.

[tabbed_section] [tab title=”Overview” id=”t1″] Content

  • Strengthening Individual and group dynamics, creating synergy and ascertaining the rules of engagement.
  • Case Studies on understanding each stage of team development and its impact on individual behavioral types.
  • The concept of creative team building to solve problems to foster creativity and thinking outside the box.
  • Competitive team building exercises to make everyone engaged in the activity.
  • Delineating framework for teams.
  • Identification of strategies to develop and manage line, functional and cross functional teams for high performance.
  • The importance of leadership in team building.

Length of Workshop

  • Depending on the need of the organization

Delivery Options

  • On the job trainings

[/tab] [tab title=”Methodology” id=”t2″]

  • Team Building and Networking exercises to learn the application of various team building techniques.
  • Discussion of hypothetical and real life situations and case studies to learn alternative rational/productive ways of strengthening the team dynamics.
  • Review of Case Studies.
  • Simulation exercises.

[/tab] [tab title=”Result Achieved” id=”t3″]

  • A thorough understanding of the essential elements of team building.
  • Improved coordination and comprehension of problems which are a barrier to team building.
  • Overcoming biases which act as barriers towards building efficient teams.
  • Mutual trust, understanding and respect amongst the team members.
  • Better understanding of each individual’s role in creating efficient teams.
  • Development of common goals and aspirations which result in improved synchronization.

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