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Stress Management Workshop

Strategize to identify, manage and conquer your stress to levels to increase efficiency.

The turbulent regional pressures, increasing social obligations, expanding personal needs and the demanding work environments are adding heaps of stresses in our personal and professional lives. Pursuits of perfectionism, excellence, success and out-running everyone else has become the center of our existence. In such a situation, our premier workshop based on years of research and a professional approach to psychology, not only promises to educate our clients to identify various factors causing stress, but also provides a robust framework on how to deal with its various symptoms. Col. Zulfiqar, comes out at his best teaching the participants on how to develop personalized methods for coping with interpersonal, work and change-related stress. Scientifically tested techniques, strategies, tools and exercises will be used to help participants see how they create their own stress and how exactly they can learn to control it.

[tabbed_section] [tab title=”Overview” id=”t1″] Content

  • Defining and understanding stress.
  • Mapping the causes of stress.
  • Identifying symptoms of stress.
  • Conquering your stress
  • Personal responses and reactions keeping in perspective the Stress – Anxiety – Anger – Cycle
  • How to be Emotionally intelligent
  • Stress-Busting: Cognitive, Emotive and Behavioral techniques and strategies.
  • Stress-Proofing: Techniques and exercises for prevention, change and future self-monitoring.
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises, to achieve mental and physical calm.
  • Role of Nutrition: how to eat the right thing at the right time.
  • “Stress Buster” foods and their affects.

Length of Workshop

  • Depending on the need of the organization

Delivery Options

  • On the job trainings

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  • Discussion of hypothetical or real life situations to learn alternative rational/productive ways of dealing with a similar situation
  • Guided group exercises to learn the application of various techniques
  • Personalized stress management plan for each participant
  • Self-development handouts

[/tab] [tab title=”Result Achieved” id=”t3″]

  • Understanding how you and others create and maintain their own stress and consequent emotional distress.
  • Learn techniques to be emotionally intelligent.
  • Learn how to manage your stress, way before it starts to turn into distress.
  • Learn to manage stressful and difficult situations and/or people more confidently and effectively.
  • Learn to develop a personalized future plan of action to cope with your own unique stress patterns.
  • Learn to combat guilt, shame, anger, anxiety or any other unhealthy emotional reactions related to stress and overall feelings of helplessness.
  • Learn to successfully manage all your unhealthy negative emotions in a constructive way.
  • Learn to develop a clear and calm perspective on problems.
  • Learn to maintain balance whilst managing change and unpredictability.
  • Learn to approach conflict rationally and develop a peaceful resolution.
  • Learn to clarify vision, direction and strategy when under pressure.
  • Learn to de-stress, relax, and re-energize – regardless of your circumstances.
  • Learn to program your mind in a way that you end up making the best choices even under the worst stressful situations!

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