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Sales Trainings

Strategize to prospect a client, make the sale and develop relations to maintain it.

The key to any business are its clients and the way they are managed. Hence, the idea is to identify, develop and maintain the most profitable clients in order to increase business profits. A salesperson or a sales team is your gateway to the clients as they are the direct business representatives. Hence the importance of having a champion salesperson or sales team is invaluable to any business. This workshop is geared to meet the particular objective to develop a champion salesperson and a sales team. The aim of the workshop is to meet and develop specific sales skills and behavioral attributes required to be an efficient salesman. The objective is to introduce the art of selling through direct interaction with the sales team and helping them identify their weaknesses and leverage their strengths to achieve optimal results. This workshop promises to make a strong impact and is geared towards converting the average performers to peak performers in their respective territories through developing their sales skills, improving behavioral attributes and practicing their sales pitch to perfection. The trainings are divided in 3 phases:-

Phase 1: A clear focus on introducing the real meaning of sales and the art of selling.

Phase 2: Aiming to develop the sales personality through various psychological techniques.

Phase 3: Conducting mock sales pitches to allow the participants to practice what they have learned through the course of the trainings.

[tabbed_section] [tab title=”Overview” id=”t1″] Content

  • An explanation of what is sales in real.
  • The key characteristics of a salesman.
  • An explanation of the evolving nature of sales activities and how to adapt to it.
  • Developing the sales personality.
  • Strengthening the dynamics of the sales team.
  • Identification of post, during and pre-sales behavior and activities.
  • Presenting a customized sales framework according to the particular nature of your business which allows the sales team to pre-plan, question and analyze the situation according to the needs of the business.
  • Introduction to the art of prospecting a client, making a sale and closing a deal.
  • Improving communication and presentation skills.
  • A detailed analysis of the new sales mindset in comparison with the traditional sales mindset.
  • Improving the behavioral attributes of sales from a psychological perspective, to make a strong impact.

Length of Workshop

  • Depending on the need of the organization

Delivery Options

  • On the job trainings
  • Outdoor activities if so required

[/tab] [tab title=”Methodology” id=”t2″]

  • Lecture sessions.
  • Psychological sessions using the NLP technique.
  • Mock Sales Pitches.
  • Motivational Videos and Case Studies.

[/tab] [tab title=”Result Achieved” id=”t3″]

  • A real understanding sales and the role of a salesman.
  • A thorough understanding of the new concepts in sales and a creative outlook towards sales.
  • Improved selling skills.
  • Better presentation and communication skills.
  • Development of attributes to be an effective salesperson.
  • Strengthened team dynamics of the sales team.
  • Better handling of the needs of the clients, leading to improved relations and increased profitability.
  • Increased levels of motivation.
  • Informed and improved decision making.
  • An improvement in the overall image of the company from the client’s perspective.