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Personality Profiling and Development Workshop

Strategize to identify and help your employees develop both personally and professionally..

In today’s fast changing business environment, a dynamic personality is required to deal with challenging business situations. However, most of us are not aware of our strengths let alone our weaknesses. Our unique workshop, provides a 360 degree overview of the personalities of your employees and not only allows them to identify certain areas of weaknesses but also allows them to identify their strengths to help them develop both personally and professionally. This workshop promises to not only help the employees identify and leverage certain personality traits but most importantly, it allows the HR department to identify the trainings and development needs of their employees. Moreover, this workshop will assist the HR department to design appropriate career paths for each of the employees, which will result in a clarity of direction for the employees and an increase in their motivation to be a high performer.

[tabbed_section] [tab title=”Overview” id=”t1″] Content

  • Defining and Understanding Personality.
  • Determinants of Personality.
  • Personality Testing Methods.
  • The Development Process.
  • Determinants of a Positive Self Image and Social Image.
  • Projecting a Professional Image.
  • Social Graces and Manners.
  • Discipline in Problem Solving.
  • Self-Analysis

Length of Workshop

  • Depending on the need of the organization

Delivery Options

  • Individual personality assessments.
  • Personality grooming and development
  • Personality testing and profiling

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  • Individual/paired skill practice and discussions enhanced by videos.
  • Tool sharing to emphasize the strengths and weakness of each participant.
  • Role playing activities and guided group exercises to practice the application of various techniques of personality development.
  • Personality development handouts.
  • Personalized personality enhancement plan for each participant.

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For the company

  • A thorough understanding of individual employee’s strengths and how these can be effectively used for improved performance at work.
  • An analysis of individual employee weaknesses and how these can be overcome to contribute effectively to the aims and objectives of the business.
  • Identification of various traits of each employee which will help the HR department to identify their training and development needs.
  • The workshop will assist the HR department to design a career path for each of its employees on the basis of their personalities and job fit.

For the individuals

  • To explore and exploit one’s own hidden potentials.
  • To improve inter-personal communication and inter-personal behavior.
  • To enhance self-confidence.
  • To have positive attitudes and thoughts towards work and organization.
  • Learn how to differentiate assertive from aggressive and passive behavior.
  • Learn to be graceful and behave in a dignified manner in official and social settings.
  • To learn and practice manners and etiquettes in all spheres of life.
  • To have a balanced personality.