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Our Passion for what we do transfers into our services.

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Our Objective

To deliver value [/one_third] [one_third centered_text="true"]

Our Mission

To provide tangible solutions through the power of interactive workshops, customized consultancies and IT solutions.[/one_third] [one_third_last centered_text="true"]

Our Vision

To be the leading change agent in improving organizational practices and processes, and helping people to develop both personally and professionally. [/one_third_last] [/full_width_section] [full_width_section bg_pos="Left Top" bg_repeat="Repeat" parallax_bg="true" text_color="Dark" image_url="" ]

Our Experts

[carousel easing="easeInOutQuart" carousel_title="" scroll_speed="1000"] [item][team_member description="Chairman, Majeed Butt’s experience as an engineering consultant is spread over 36 years of working with various industrial sectors in Pakistan. His vast experience ranges from planning to commercial operations, in the field of engineering and general management of industrial units. His in-depth knowledge of Asset Management and Energy Audits in various organizations of Pakistan is a unique exposure which is an asset for our company. He has worked in government, multinationals and private organizations which include PIDB, CIRC, Galaxo Pakistan, Packages Limited and Descon. His expertise include:- • EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Consultant • Energy Audit (Industrial, Commercial and Domestic) Expert • Process Re-engineering • Firm Valuations • Asset Management • Sectors of Expertise: Paper & Paper Board, Energy, Pharmaceutical, General Engineering. " social="Facebook,, Twitter,, Youtube," image_url="" name="Abdul Majeed Butt" job_position="Chairman" color="Extra-Color-2"] [/item] [item][team_member description="Executive Director and Lead Trainer, Col. Zulfiqar has wide experiences in command, administration, planning, instruction and trainings. Ever since his retirement, since 15 years he is into teaching, corporate trainings, corporate consultancy and practicing psychology for various organizations of Pakistan including the Pakistan Army, NIPA, Bank of Punjab and various universities in Pakistan. He is also a certified Human Resource Consultant with SMEDA. His expertise include:- • Psychological Counselling and Guidance • Reiki Master • NLP Practitioner • Human Resource Consultant • Stress Management Expert • Behavioral and Adjustment Problems • Relief from Physical and Emotional Pain • Sports Psychologist " social="Facebook,, Twitter,, Youtube," image_url="" name="Col. Zulfiqar Ahmed Iqbal" job_position="Executive Director" color="Extra-Color-2"] [/item] [item][team_member description="Founder and COO, Kamil’s passion for management and corporate trainings is driven from his practical leadership experiences as a professional cricketer, working experience in various organizations of Pakistan and his academic pursuits in LUMS. Kamil has worked for various organization including NetSol Technologies Limited, Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL), Engro Foods Limited, KPMG and the JS Group. His passion and enthusiasm is the driving force behind the operations of Strategize. His expertise include:- • Marketing, Sales and Brand Management Consultant • Leadership Trainings • Team Building Expert • IT Solutions • Time Management Expert • Digital Media Expert • Interview and Presentation Skills Trainings " social="Facebook,, Twitter,, Youtube," image_url="" name="Kamil Majeed" job_position="Founder and COO" color="Extra-Color-2"] [/item] [item][team_member description="Brig. Najam’s visionary, proactive and reform oriented approach is a lively addition to the Strategize team. An innovative and versatile trainer since1990, Brig. Najam during his military career was officially graded as a “Distinguished Instructor” by the Pakistan Army. Enriched with a diverse experience in HRM and administration for 40 years in managerial and executive positions, Brig. Najam has played a pivotal role as the MD Administration of WAPDA, where he undertook trainings and development programs for employees at supervisor, managerial and executive levels. He also teaches management in educational outfits, including CSS probationers and to other managers/supervisors of various public sector organizations. His expertise include:- • Management and HRM consultancy • Organizational structuring and restructuring • Leadership and motivation • Cultural mosaics and improvements therein • Creativity and innovation • Personal Development • Project management • Communication skills " social="Facebook,, Twitter,, Youtube," image_url="" name="Brig Najam-us-Saqib" job_position="Associate" color="Extra-Color-2"] [/item] [/carousel] [/full_width_section]

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