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Leadership Workshop

Strategize to transform your managers to efficient leaders according to the needs of the organization.

Every organization, notwithstanding the number of employees, needs to develop a model of leadership best suited to its needs. As every organization is different in nature, so has to be the style of leadership, which needs to be according to the nature of the organization. Hence, this requires customized attention to develop specific traits in individuals to develop specific leadership skills according to the needs of the organization. This workshop is not only aimed at improving the present outlook but also aims to develop a steady stream of leaders for the future. Our aim is to realistically gauge the existing standards, and inculcate the essential and desired leadership traits in managers to develop apt, timely and lasting solutions. This workshop is designed to highlight the critical aspects of leadership which can yield phenomenal improvement in organization effectiveness and efficiency towards its objectives and goals.
[tabbed_section] [tab title=”Overview” id=”t1″] Content

  • The definition and characteristics of an inspirational leader.
  • The organizational structure and the right leadership style.
  • Assessment of organization teams and articulating them for peak performance.
  • Ways to share your vision as a leader and align the objectives of the followers to achieve the desired results.
  • Ways to be an inspiration for making people follow your shared vision.
  • Ways to facilitate your followers to help them achieve the desired results.
  • Ways to unearth, measure and develop potential of your employees, both as followers and leaders.
  • Developing skills of effective communication to ensure explicit comprehension.
  • How to recognize conflicts in embryonic stage, nipping the evil bud, and how best to resolve if these mushroom up.
  • Decision making – the zenith of leadership.
  • How leadership becomes pivotal to a change process.
  • Few case studies of individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership

Length of Workshop

  • Depending on the need of the organization

Delivery Options

  • On the job trainings
  • Outdoor Activities

[/tab] [tab title=”Methodology” id=”t2″]

  • Lecture sessions.
  • Outdoor leadership exercises.
  • Strategy building measures.
  • Individual and group activities.
  • Culminating in brainstorming exercises.

[/tab] [tab title=”Result Achieved” id=”t3″]

  • Adoption of leadership styles according to the structure of the organization.
  • Development of effective communication skills.
  • Inspired to lead by example and development of future leaders.
  • An outlook of positivity and improved attitudes towards followers, resulting in greater levels of productivity.
  • Informed and improved decision making.
  • A welcoming approach to change and flexibility in personality.
  • Development of a result oriented approach.